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  • Derek Anderson

Volhynia, Ukraine

Amongst the Wheat and Honey is a joint project between Agnieszka Nawrocka and Derek Anderson. A photo eassy focusing on the work of Father Andrew Kwiczala and his work in Volhynia, Ukraine. The project also aims to explore the history of the place and the ties between Polish and Ukrainian communities.

Agnieszka first travelled there 10 years ago. Volhynia, was a word of her childhood. Whispered, almost by senile lips of ageing relatives, whispered in moments of nostalgia with anguish and fear, but also with pride. Volhynia, the last word mentioned before those lips went quiet forever. The place continued to be a presence for Agnieszka and she started travelling to the place of her ancestors. Looking for traces, of Polish lives and communities that are mostly unrecognised or destroyed graveyards. Hearing the innocents voices from places that are not marked or remembered. The history of what happened there is still disorientated, muted and mis-told to the point of being a falsehood of the truth. A fable that has now passed down generations.

To answer the question why Volhynia, I would like to use quotation of Jan Zaleski, witness of the 1943 incidents. “ Those people died twice, first from being hit by axe, and second time because of dissemble. The second death is much worst than first one.”

Our first photograph is an introduction to our essay. It shows how we see Volhynia today. This image was shoot near small village called Karasin, it is a pre war Polish-Ukrainian graveyard next to the non exiting village Grzywa/Hrywa. If you want to learn more about our project, Father Andrew Kwiczala, but also history of Volhynia, follow us. https://www.facebook.com/Agnieszka-Nawrocka-Photography-200062400564231/